hi you alright

how are you doing? i am a scruffy happy writer, photographer and web designer based in the west of Scotland.

my writing focusses on nostalgia, home, nature, and the coast (i feel calmest by the sea).

i also read and travel a lot. i studied english literature at university and have worked full-time as a copywriter for the last four years.

before that, i worked as a camp counsellor for four summers at a rustic girl scout camp and a hardcore canoeing camp, living in new york and toronto.

i enjoy city life and the energy it brings but i constantly crave adventure through wild camping, wild swimming and hiking. any free weekend we escape the city to roam the wilds all over Scotland.

if you like landscape photography, take a look at some of my shots from our adventures.

read my poetry and take a look at my web designs.

thanks for stopping by, thanks for supporting my work. if you want to work together, get in touch at with me below.

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